Nicole Greene Barrato, MS RD CDE CDN

Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator 

(203) 429-4211

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Individualized Counseling



Individualized counseling allows us to pay attention to your unique nutritional needs. We focus on nutritional changes to meet your goals. In our counseling sessions we create custom meal plans, and identify common food myths and diet traps. We will discuss how to avoid emotional eating, how to dine out and still stay healthy, and numerous other topics that will aid in your success. 

Sessions offered:


Nutritionist Fairfield County

"NutriMom" is a Nutritional plan catered to soon to be mothers. We develop a healthier eating plan for each step of your journey towards motherhood. We ensure you and your baby receive all the important nutrients before and during your pregnancy, and after you give birth.

Nutritionist Fairfield County

"NutriWedding" is a nutritional plan catered to soon to be brides or grooms looking to slim down for their big day. Let us help you look and feel your best.


Metabolic Testing

You metabolic rate is the exact number of calories you are burning each day.  By knowing the exact amount of calories your body is burning, you can avoid eating more calories than your body needs.

The test is simple.

For approximately 10 minutes you will breath into the machine.  The machine will analyze your breathing and determine your caloric needs.

After your caloric needs are determine, NutriGreene will help you understand the results and create a custom meal plan to meet your nutritional needs.

It is encouraged to recheck your metabolic rate every 3 months to see how your custom meal plan has improved your metabolic rate.

Supermarket Tour

A tour of the supermarket will teach you how to make future grocery shopping trips healthier.  You will learn how to choose the healthiest foods in each section of the supermarket, understand food labeling and avoid marketing tricks. We will show you foods to always have available for quick, convenient, and healthy meals, as well as ideal snack foods to fuel your day for maximum energy.