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Nutritionist and Dietitian Westport CT Stamford CT Nutrigreene Healthy Lifestyle

Our Philosophy


Restricting food will just leave you craving foods and eating more. We focus on designing meal plans that include higher volume foods that will keep you full longer without added calories and fat. We pay particular attention to your lifestyle to ensure your menu plan is realistic. We appreciate that adopting a healthier lifestyle takes time and that changing habits that have been part of your life for years is not an easy thing to accomplish. In many cases, new behaviors are not going to happen overnight. The important thing to remember along the way is to focus on the positive - be sure to give yourself credit for the progress you make each step of the way.​

Nutritionist and Dietitian Westport CT Stamford CT Nutrigreene Healthy Lifestyle

NutriGreene Nutrition Program 

NutriGreene helps you adopt a healthier lifestyle and behaviors that last.  Meet with one of our dietitians in one of our many locations or over telehealth. Many insurance companies offer coverage for nutrition counseling.

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A Personalized Approach




Certified under the commission on Dietetic Registration Criteria (RD), our Dietitians bring their expertise in food and nutrition to the table, ensuring effective treatment for a range of conditions and diseases.



In your first nutrition session, your dietitian will collect a comprehensive understanding of your personal details and health targets, formulating a tailored care plan.




Your dietitian will refine and implement your treatment plan, offering coaching, recommendations, and progress monitoring. They will guide what foods to eat and remain a constant source of support throughout your journey.

Let's Get Started

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